Stream2Dream for Linux

Unfortunately, the original Stream2Dream version written by theYOSH doesn’t work anymore on newer LT Image versions. But since I’ve built a mediacenter especially for the purpose of streaming videos to my dreambox, I somehow had to get a working Linux Version of Stream2Dream.

I of course first contacted theYOSH. But he told me, that he has already stopped working on this project 1 1/2 years ago – and since he is not using LT Image anymore, he won’t continue developping the software. But he gave me some tipps on how I could analyze the dreambox traffic in order to modify the software. So I’ve reserved a weekend, sniffed and analyzed all the traffic and was able to find the small but nasty little bug 😉


So, here is my modified version of Stream2Dream for linux. Enjoy!!

Tested on DM7025+ with <= LT Image 6 1/2 (SP1)

Further Information

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